How to use this help system


There are four main ways in which you can use this help system to access information.


The Contents, Index, Search and Glossary options located in the top left hand corner of this screen each provide different ways of searching for the help that you require.


The contents tab displays the structure of this help system and groups information into relevant areas of interest.


Each area may have sub-areas depending on the level of content provided.


The key content areas are:




Initial Setup

Answers to frequently asked questions relating to the setup process and full help with all worksheets in the setup spreadsheet.

Tutorials & Webinars

Visual tutorials and webinars to help users understand key aspects of the system.

Get help with...

Traditional product documentation / help relating to all features available within the system.


Information relating to getting the most out of the system, becoming involved in focus groups, providing feedback and change requests and how to contact the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions often received by our customer support team.


Details of our read API and a technical user guide for developers.

New features

Information about current development and new features including a full list of all previously released updates.

Training & professional services

List and pricing for all training & professional services available from IRIS.

Additional software modules

List and pricing for all additional software modules available.


The index tab searches for particular help information using keywords.


Type in a keyword associated with the topic you are looking for help on and press Enter.


The index of keywords is sorted alphabetically. When you can see the relevant keyword click on it.


If that keyword is assigned to more than one help topic then all relevant topics will be listed and you can select the most appropriate to your requirements.


The Search tab works by entering a keyword relevant to the information you require and selecting Go.


The help system will then list all topics within the help file that contain that word.


Click the relevant help topic to view the information.


You can also enter a search word(s) in the 'Search' text field along the top toolbar at any time to immediately search for any topic with that keyword(s).



The glossary contains a list of key phrases with relevant explanation used.





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