V1 Project Accounting API


The V1 Project Accounting Application Programming Interface (API) allows programmatic access to your organisation's data using a simple, powerful and secure programming interface. You can integrate your data with your own financial and other systems, populating them with real time critical business information.


Data is retrieved through a predefined series of industry-standard, cross-platform web services calls meaning it can be used with a wide selection of programming tools and client software.


*Please note, there is a 500 record export limit for extracting data via the API.


Click the image below to download the web services developer guide.


Standards compliance

The API is implemented to comply with the following specifications:









Technical summary

All services are available in two versions, SOAP and plain XML to enable integration with the widest possible selection of development tools and client systems.


Most SOAP users will interact with the API using a SOAP toolkit tailored for their language and development environment. Different toolkits will expose the API in different ways. Please refer to your specific toolkit documentation to understand how to use it.


The XML services use HTTP to send and receive “plain old XML” (POX) messages – that is messages that consist solely of XML payloads without any enclosing SOAP envelope. POX messages can be sent and received by many types of clients, including those such as web browsers that do not have any native support for SOAP-based protocols. POX is a suitable choice for services that exchange data over HTTP and have no requirement to use the advanced protocol capabilities of SOAP. We have designed this service using the REST style of content addressing, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_State_Transfer for an introduction to REST.


Note: The HTTP service will only accept requests over secure sockets i.e. calls will only be accepted using the https:// protocol.


V1 do not provide technical support to clients using the API.


If you would like a quote for custom API work, please contact your Client Development Manager on 0844 815 5710 who can go through your requirements.


If you have a suggestion for how the API could be improved, please e-mail it to support.PA@wearev1.com




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