This section allows you to create, edit, remove and manage the clients (or companies) that you run projects and bill for. Clients represent companies (or people acting as companies) that you do projects for and invoice against. You can assign individual contacts to clients who can appear on invoices as the billing contact. Every project must be assigned a client.


Clients are managed via Contacts > Clients.

New client

  1. Go to Contacts > Clients.

  2. Click New Client.

  3. Enter the Name


Note: If you do not want to enter all the client’s details straight away you can just enter their Name for now.


  1. Select the Client Owner. The client owner is a user of the system, and the list you choose from contains all users that exist in ProjectMinderTime & Budgets.

  2. Select the Client Status i.e. customer or prospect.


  1. Click Details.

  2. Select the Billing Contact for the client. This is the default contact that will appear on your sales invoice. You can choose any of the contacts assigned to a client to appear on the invoice if you wish – this is done at the point of creating the invoice.


Note: Click the + button to add a new billing contact if it does not appear in the list. Enter their details > Click Accept.


  1. Select the Industry Sector the client operates in.

  1. Enter an Invoice Prefix. If you intend to invoice by client you can enter a prefix here to help you identify which invoices belong to which clients.

  2. The client’s Current Invoice Number is shown.

  3. Enter the client’s E-mail address.

  4. Enter the client’s Phone 1 number.

  5. Enter the client’s Phone 2 number.

  6. Enter the client’s Fax number.

  7. Enter Line 1 of the client address.

  8. Enter Line 2 of the client address.

  9. Enter Line 3 of the client address.

  10. Enter Line 4 of the client address.

  11. Enter the Town.

  12. Enter the County.

  13. Enter the Postcode.

  14. Enter the Country.

  15. Enter the client’s Website.

  16. Enter your Accounts Reference for the client.

  17. Click Accept.

  18. Click Save and Close.


This table shows all contacts that are related to the client.


This table shows all projects that are related to the client.





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