Customer Support

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for in our help file, then our customer support team would be delighted to help.

To ensure that we provide the best quality support, telephone or e-mail support is only available to the trained administrators within your company, so if you are not a trained administrator, please contact them directly for help in the first instance.

If you are an administrator and require telephone support, please contact our Customer Support team on 0844 815 5711 or email

Our opening hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

If you are looking for training or professional services rather than support, please see the topic Professional services summary.

V1 Customer Support

Trained administrators can report issues to the customer support team using the following procedure:

  1. Problem reports can be submitted during the support hours detailed above by telephone or e-mail.

  2. Problem reports with Priority 1 and 2 (as set out in the table below) will trigger the actions specified.
    The client must supply all relevant information to enable customer support to provide the support for the problem being reported.

  3. Customer support will use its reasonable endeavours, in coordination with the client, to assign the correct priority rating to any problem reported. Customer support will then use its reasonable endeavours to perform the activities detailed below:






The Suite cannot be used. Critical impact on Client’s production environment. Situation requires immediate resolution.

The Company shall immediately undertake all activities necessary to arrive at a solution and will continue doing this, until an acceptable solution or workaround is available, or until it is clear that further investigation, possibly including third parties, is required.

First response to report within two hours. Effort to provide workaround within one day. Commercially reasonable efforts to provide solution within three business days.


The Suite is working, but under severe restrictions; a workaround is available, but situation requires short term solution.

The Company shall immediately undertake all required actions to analyse the problem and to provide a solution (or recommend one, if the restricted operation is due to factors outside of the Company’s control).

First response within one business day. Commercially reasonable efforts to provide solution within five business days.


The Suite is operational under moderate restrictions.

The Company undertakes actions towards resolution as soon as practical.

Response, suggested course of resolution and expected time to completion of the solution will be communicated within 5 business days from report.

Report Builder support

Unfortunately due to the inherent flexibility and complicated nature of reporting software, V1 do not offer free support for reports built in Report Builder.

Instead we offer both dedicated one-one training and classroom training options to get the full value from Report Builder.

We strongly suggest that clients attend a classroom course in the first instance, followed by one-one training if necessary depending on your reporting requirements.

If suitable we can also offer pre-booked one to one specialist training by telephone.

See the help topic Report Builder training for information on how you can obtain training on Report Builder.

The following link also contains useful 'How-to' topics relating to the use of Report Builder:

API support

V1 do not provide technical telephone support to clients or third-party developers using the API.




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