Get More Out Of V1 Project Accounting

Our most successful clients not only use V1 Project Accounting for recording time and expenses but also project planning and profitability monitoring.


This means that their teams are more focused, working efficiently and contributing more towards improving the profitability of the business.


In summary, the more that goes in to V1 Project Accounting, the more you get out!

To help you get more out of V1 Project Accounting, here are 10 easy steps.




 Browse this help file. This help file has been lovingly created to answer most common questions and to help you get most out of the system from timesheets to resource management.


Use the timesheet tracking report to make sure all of your staff are submitting their timesheets on time.


Use the flexible timesheet report to see where their time has been spent or how much time has been spent on a project.

Not sure how many days’ holiday your team members have left?


Use the Absence requests report to track and approve holiday requests from your staff.

Check the current profitability for one project.


 Pick a recent project, add some budget fee information and then review the current profit.


You may be pleasantly surprised (or not!) but either way it will be valuable information on which to base management decisions.


If you haven’t added an hourly cost rate for the members of staff working on that project you will need to do that first.

For the same project use the resources module to add the planned work and let V1 Project Accounting work out the expected profitability for the project.


Are you going to make money on this project?


If not, then you may need to update your resource plan or negotiate higher fees from the client.

Forecast project and company wide revenues by creating invoice schedules, then automatically generate actual invoices for sending to clients.

Are you a Partner, Director or Senior Manager?


Use our best practice reports and Dashboard to view the overall running of your business.


 Project manager? Use our best practice reports to view the overall running of your projects.

Partner, Director, Senior Manager


Project Manager

 New staff need to learn about V1 Project Accounting?


Point them to the online help for logging time and expenses saving you time on internal training.


Don’t have time for self learning?


 See our range of training and professional services where we come to your office to help you start getting the benefits more quickly.

Need the information in V1 Project Accounting to show in another software system at your office?


With the help of a developer you can quickly use the V1 Project Accounting API to get information out of the V1 Project Accounting database into other systems.


 By integrating your systems your staff will be able to access relevant data more quickly, freeing up their time to do fee earning work.


 Custom reporting requirements? Use our powerful report builder tool to create business reports to meet your exact specification.





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