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V1 Project Accounting (V1 PA) is developed by V1 Ltd, a global provider of business automation software that enables both public and private sector organisations to streamline their business processes.


How Is It Positioned In The Marketplace?
V1 PA is a project management accounting solution targeted at organisations with complex budgetary and industry-specific requirements, enabling them to manage a full project life-cycle and deliver projects on time, optimising resources and within budget.

Unlike other Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions, V1 PA has the added benefit of being part of V1’s solutions utilising the software development capabilities which come with this backing.

What Is The Product Strategy?
Our strategy is to enhance V1 PA’s features, building further on the solution’s ability to manage project budgets and maximise profit. We intend to release versions of the product at more regular intervals, so our customers can constantly utilise the latest product features and benefits.

What Is The Roadmap Over The Next 18 Months?
Over the next 18 months we will theme our releases based around our strategy for V1 PA. December 2012 saw the User Interface release and future releases for 2013 and beyond will cover customer enhancements, integrations, reporting and support for multiple web browsers.

Outlook Integration
Although there is an option to email from within V1 PA, we understand that users need to email information utilising Microsoft Outlook, running on either Windows or Mac OS X, so we will be developing integrations to email from V1 PA for both.

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