Release - May 2016


The following is a summary of the updates for May 2016

Work Detail on main Timesheet

With new configuration options, it is possible to configure the Work Detail field to appear on the main Timesheet screen


Copy Timesheet line

An option for copying a specific Line on the Timesheet so that the Project and Task only need to be entered once




Resolved Issues:

Description of issue


Mandatory  Work Detail where time values are less than 1


If the value of time is less than 1 hour, mandatory work values must now be entered when configured as such..


Export Limits



The file exports limits are now either 8Mb or 2,000 header records


Visibility of Invoices without Items


All Invoices created without any items are now visible in the system.


Contact V1 menu option



The option to Contact V1 from the menu is only available when the User Account permissions allow access


Supplier name in My Approvals



Under the Details column, the Supplier name is visible


Project Summary Team list default filter setting



The Project Team filter on Project Summary no longer filters by Selected Team Members as default

Remaining PO Balance


The error occasional seen in the PO reconciliation percentage has been corrected








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