Current Timesheet


Timesheets can be completed via the Timesheet > Current Timesheet screen.


This screen allows users to allocate time to Projects and Non Project Activities.


The date range for your current timesheet is displayed at the top of the screen.



The Timesheet screen is split into two sections:


- Project related time (top section)

- Non project Activity time (lower section).


At the top of the Timesheet, there is a section to show the status of the Timesheet and the Approver of the Timesheet.


Adding a row into a Timesheet

Quick Find

Standard Timesheet entry

Adding Extra Information

Deleting a row

Saving a Timesheet

Submitting a Timesheet

Printable Timesheet


> Please note, Timesheets can only be edited by submitters when they have status of Draft or Rejected. Approvers or Administrators can edit timesheets if the Approval Settings switch is enabled in the Admin section.

Adding a row into a Timesheet

To add a row in the time sheet, click on the symbol to add a row.


There is also an option to add up to 10 new rows at a time using the drop down option next to the   symbol.

Quick Find and Sorting a Timesheet

The option allows users to search for a Project or Non Project Activity without using the Project or Non Project Activity drop down field.


If the option is enabled, the Quick Find search will look for the Project Code.


If theoption is disabled, the Quick Find search will look for the Project Name.


A sort option is available on Project and Non Project Activity.

The sortable options are the order of entry (default) alphabetically ascending and alphabetically descending.


Standard Timesheet Entry

After selecting the Project or Non Project Activity name and task (if required) that the time is allocated against:

  1. Click in a cell under the day required.
  2. Enter a value in either HH:MM or decimal format.



Non Project Activities and Tasks are added in the same format.
Note: Automatic timesheet entries will be created for Non-Project time linked to approved absence requests.



Adding Extra Information

If some of this time is extra time or you wish to add a note against the time entry click the Add Extra Information icon.


The following pop-up will appear:



Notes, Extra Time and Work Detail can be added in this section.


Select either OK or Cancel to return to the Current Timesheet main screen.

Note: Selecting Cancel will lose all changes made.



Deleting A Row

To delete a row click on the at the end of the row.


Saving a Timesheet

Any changes made to the Timesheet will be indicated by the Save option changing colour to red (as shown below).



To save the changes click the Save option.


You can go back to your timesheet at any time during the week to make changes to the time entered.


Submitting a Timesheet

The total number of Daily Core Hours, Daily Extra Hours and Daily Logged Hours are displayed at the bottom of the screen.



Note: If Must Submit Core Hours has been ticked on the user profile then there will be a further row on the timesheet to show Daily Remaining Core Hours.
             The total core hours entered for the week must match the total core hours set in the user admin screen before the timesheet can be submitted.
             Any Extra Hours must be recorded by clicking on the Add Extra Information icon as stated above.


When the timesheet is complete select either:

-  - to keep the selected projects on the timesheet ready for the next week’s time entry or

- -- to start the next week with a blank timesheet.

Click on the button.

The timesheet is submitted for approval and the next week’s timesheet is automatically displayed.


Printable Timesheet

The Printable Timesheet button will show a report of the details of the timesheet for the selected week.



Note: If any changes have been made to the timesheet for that week, the Save option must be selected to view the Printable Timesheet option




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