This section allows you to create, edit, remove and manage the suppliers for your projects.


Suppliers are managed via Contacts > Suppliers.

New Supplier

  1. Click New Supplier.

  2. Enter the supplier’s Name.

  3. Enter the supplier’s E-mail.

  4. Enter the supplier’s Phone number.

  5. Enter the supplier’s Fax number.

  6. Enter Line 1 of the supplier address.

  7. Enter Line 2 of the supplier address.

  8. Enter Line 3 of the supplier address.

  9. Enter Line 4 of the supplier address.

  10. Enter the supplier’s Town.

  11. Enter the County.

  12. Enter the Postcode.

  13. Enter the Country.

  14. Enter the supplier’s Website.

  15. Enter any additional Notes for the supplier.

  16. Enter the supplier’s Default Payment Terms. This value will auto-populate the Payment Terms box via Expenses > Purchase Order Entry*

  1. Enter the supplier’s Purchase Order Prefix*. This prefix will be added in front of the purchase order number to help you identify which supplier it is for.

  2. Enter the starting Purchase Order Number* for the supplier.

  3. Enter your Accounts Reference for the supplier.

  4. Click Save and Close.

Company Details

This box shows you a summary of the information that has been entered on this page. You can use this box to easily copy and paste the address and other information to paste in other programs.




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