Job Costs





Costs incurred (expenses,  purchase invoices, timesheets) on each project and the rate that they were charged out for

Business Purpose

Identify any work or expenses carried out that has not been invoiced to the client

Ideal For

Project Manager




Filter Name



Start Date

Earliest project start date

Project start date selected in project summary

End Date

Latest project start date

Project start date selected in project summary

Include Costs

Choose whether to display costs in the report

Individual cost breakdown for each cost item listed – Cost Quantity and Cost Rate

Include Timesheets

Select whether to include timesheets in the report

Submitted timesheets that have been approved

Week Ends

Set the date the week ends

Costs will be shown up to this date for each week

Expense Types

Expense Type selection

Expense types listed in Admin -> Company Settings page

Job Role

Job role selection

User’s job role entered into User Profile page

Job Roles defined in Admin -> Job Roles


Project task selection

This list is only populated if a single project has been selected, in which case it will list all tasks associated with that project

Report Fields - Project Overview

Field Name



Project Code

Project code > expandable to show task and user breakdown

Entered into the project summary

Project Name

Project name

Entered into the project summary


Name of client

Client name entered in Contacts page


Industry Sector of client

Entered in Contacts -> Clients -> Client details page

Sectors defined in Admin -> Company Settings


Earliest and Latest item incurred dates

Defined when logging the expense or time


Project bid status

Entered in the Project Summary page


Project budget fee

Fee entered in Fee Allocation screen

Cost Total

Total cost of project

Total cost of all approved time (except where the time has been reconciled to a Purchase Invoice), expenses and purchase invoices logged to the project within the date range

Charge Total

Total charge of the project

Total value of all invoiced time, expenses and purchase invoices logged to the project within the date range

Report Fields - Breakdown by Task

Field Name




User name assigned to user

Assigned in user profile

Job Role

Job role assigned to user

Assigned in user profile

W/E Date

Week Ending date for this time and expense analysis

All time and expenses that fall in the week prior to this date

Cost Type

Cost type for this line

'Timesheet' for all time analysis, Expense Type for all expenses analysis

Cost Quantity

Cost quantity for this line

Hours logged for Timesheets, total quantity for expenses

Cost Rate

Cost rate for this line

Internal rate of user for Timesheets, cost rate for expenses

Charge Quantity

Charge quantity for this line

Charge quantity from invoice item generated from this time or expense entry (invoice item must be generated from invoice rule)

Charge Rate

Charge rate for this line

Charge value from invoice item, hourly charge rate for Timesheets, expense item charge rate for expenses

Cost Total

Cost total for this line

Cost Quantity * Cost Rate

Charge Total

Charge total for this line

Charge Quantity * Charge Rate





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