Projects > List View


All projects, whether historic, current or bid projects are accessible via the Projects > List View menu.


If no filters are applied, the Projects > List View will open in the standard format.


The following fields are available in the Standard view:


The following fields are available in the Financial view.

Project > List View Filters

You can locate required projects using the Quick Filter option or define project filters you require.


For information on widgets and configuration of the Project List Screen their is now a tutorial here: Project List View.mp4


Note: see Navigation and Data Entry > List View Filtering for help on how to use filtering on the page.


Opening a Project

To open a project, click on the project name.


This will open the Project > Summary screen.


Creating a New Project

To create a new project.

  1. Click the button.

  2. Select how you want to create the new project:


  1. Click Next.

  2. Ensure each field marked with an asterisk is completed as a minimum. (See Adding summary details for help on these fields)

  3. Click Save

Export to CSV

To export all projects that appear on screen, select the export to CSV option.


 The CSV export will show the:




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